My latest endeavors with Mobile Art Photography allow for freedom in referencing my world on a daily basis. Color, texture, and form are  intuitively recorded and pieced together, overlapping ... creating a story that depicts my beliefs and feelings. The capture of sorrow, desire, and longing, just to name a few, are woven into dreamlike images. These images in turn become expressions of my passing thoughts.
I'm not always sure when I take the initial shot which doors will open for me. Transformation takes place through the exploration and manipulating of images. Many underlying mysteries are revealed as my passion expands, thus branding each work with a unique part of my perception.
After the burial of his last secret ... he felt free to leave
Innocence and the desire to feel again
Fractured Desire
Always different variations of the same obsession
Deafening sounds of a phantom heart
Locked in
The Elevation
Falling into the Vision of Another
The art of chasing vulnerability
In the end ... her discerning nature would prove unsound
She always had that feeling
What would your life look like,
if those who loved you most ... were blind
There were other options
" The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned "
W.Somerset Maugham
Abandoned lust
The Other Side of Madness
Courage is grace under pressure
The Nightingale Won't Sing
A dedication to the hunger within
Something as simple as poison
Immersed in Flight
You called me precious too
Dream in Layers
Self portrait
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