Janice Grinsell is a multidisciplinary artist, fascinated with the exploration and combination of media. She has a vast portfolio that includes iPhoneography, installation, and performance art, focused on the thematic internal journey of the artist and the viewer. She is an artisan with a omni-dimensional, perceptual stronghold. The central theme of her work is a cartographical exploration of her life as it is plays out day-by-day, dream-by-dream, both conscious and unconscious. Her work reveals vulnerability, blurring the distinction between one's public persona and intimate emotions that reflects fragmented pieces of her emotional states and perceptions; often dark, they are fueled by a deep and intensely introspective nature. Powerful and intense, Janice captures her audience with raw and instinctual iconography, unafraid of portraying the art of being human. Seeking pleasure in cryptic narratives, she invites the viewer to engage with her work, creating a portal to their own subconscious.