My latest endeavors with Mobile Art Photography allow for freedom in referencing my world on a daily basis. Color, texture, and form are  intuitively recorded and pieced together, overlapping ... creating a story that depicts my beliefs and feelings. The capture of sorrow, desire, and longing, just to name a few, are woven into dreamlike images. These images in turn become expressions of my passing thoughts.
I'm not always sure when I take the initial shot which doors will open for me. Transformation takes place through the exploration and manipulating of images. Many underlying mysteries are revealed as my passion expands, thus branding each work with a unique part of my perception.
When We Come Apart  1
"A Meditation on Release"

When Breath and Memory Collide   2
"A Meditation on Release"
Nurtured Exile   3
"A Meditation on Release"
Silent Exposure 1
 "When Does a Relationship Become Real"
Silent Exposure 2
" When Does a Relationship Become Real"
Silent Exposure 3
and when we lie
Silent Exposure 4
Vaporous Dreams Passed Between Us
Silent Exposure 5
I Will Not Break My Fall
Silent Exposure 6
Lost Fragments of Memory
Silent Exposure 7
The Penalty of Reverie
Silent Exposure 8
Color My Reflection
Souvenirs from an Obsession
" The Insatiable Hunger of Darkness"
Darkness has a Hunger
"The Insatiable Hunger of Darkness"
A Case of Mistaken Belief
"The Insatiable Hunger of Darkness"
imbalance of depth
The ' Her ' Diaries 
Useless Desire
Where does light go when it vanishes
In the race to nowhere
Hungry and Broken

The relationship between desire and distance
The Trouble with Fidelity
Excitement escalated in the stillness of passion
~ Torn asunder ~
Obsessed with the pieces
You kept them
River of Transparent Shadows
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